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It’s a Mother F*cking Magical Year

This is the year you can level up your powers

February 22, 2018

A calendar year, whether you use any of the widely popular calendars such as Gregorian, Lunar, Solar, Buddhist, Islamic, Hebrew, or even Julian, are based on phases of the moon and sun, and the earth’s rotation of course.

For most people around the world, it recently became 2018 based on the Gregorian Calendar, (that pagan measurement of time that was created based on science although the pagans didn’t know was science at the time). And here in Western Civilization, we look to the New Year as a New Beginning.

It’s reaching the end of February, the second month in the year of 2018 anno Domini, and by now many a new year resolution has been broken, and there’s definitely a feeling of “same shit different day” that is permeating western culture. While many people are in all earnest stuck in a no-win situation, there are still many more who are trapped within their own mind. This post is for the latter.

What does it mean to be trapped within your own mind?

In this case it means that I’m addressing the people that only think they are bound by their situation, and can work on removing self limiting behavior and reach more goals.  It does not mean that I think a person can “think” their way out of every situation. Sometimes there are bonafide limiting factors involved. Basically, I do not adhere to the Oprah Winfrey way of believing everyone has the wherewithal to change their station in life.

Changing the recording that we tend to stick on an endless loop in the deep recesses of our mind is not an easy task. Most importantly, it’s not a one time task either. There is a spiral up to clearing that tape, and each time you run into the same problems, with different faces, you should hopefully gain a deeper understanding.

The most important piece in changing the self defeating thoughts is to never stop trying. Every second, every minute, every day, and every year. Which finally brings me to the point in reminding you… 

…you have the power to remove the barriers that bring you negative experiences.

Sometimes a negative experience may mask itself as something else. Let’s take a recent relationship I had that totally broke me into tiny fragments of a person. When revisiting the same “Law of Attraction” type teachings I’ve read or listened to before, I became more aware of my role in that relationship. The agreement made on a soul level in which one agrees to have an experience together. I realized how it played out a scenario that I’ve created and my breaking into pieces was necessary for my growth.

Magical-unicorn drawing with soft colors and fluffy cloudsSo right now, right here, no matter when you are actually reading this, you have the power to level up your powers, and bring yourself to a higher level of love and understanding. Whether you have read something before regarding your growth, maybe it’s time to see it again from different eyes, or you’re a first timer, Carpe Diem. It’s time to level up because if you’re not consistently working on bettering yourself, then most likely you’re falling backwards into unhealthy patterns.

If you’re tired of hearing the same audio, or if you’ve read your “Law of Attraction” type books so many times that it’s just words, here’s a few that have worked well for me:

Kelly Tallaksen, board certified hypnotist, puts up a few free meditations that are great reminders to walk with your higher self. And if by chance you live within driving distance on Long Island, I can’t recommend her enough. My web dev sent me to Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis and my life changed greatly for the better.

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson has a great sample of his bigger book online in PDF format. This great read is about releasing your trapped emotions and level up your life.

And here are some Free Affirmations that center around the “Law of Attraction” paradigm that will keep you reminded to walk with your higher self.

Last but not least, Tanya Markul’s Thug Unicorn (with the fan-fucking-tastic name) has some of the best snippets to keep your going throughout the day. I highly recommend her book The She Book for empowering thoughts.

One of my favorite artists, Lisa, finds words to describe each year and works on creating that growth. This year she chose “Magical” as the word and I couldn’t agree with her more.

Now do something to level up, the Magic is inside of you.

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